Home BLOG ‘Massacre’: 21 people died as a result of Israeli forces opening fire on the crowd waiting for help in Gaza

‘Massacre’: 21 people died as a result of Israeli forces opening fire on the crowd waiting for help in Gaza

‘Massacre’: 21 people died as a result of Israeli forces opening fire on the crowd waiting for help in Gaza

Palestinian officials described the latest attack as “pre-planned” due to the increasing number of people seeking humanitarian aid.

The government said at least 21 Palestinians were killed when Israeli forces opened fire on thousands of people waiting for help in the same area of ​​Gaza City hours earlier.

Gaza’s health ministry described Thursday night’s attack as “a new, pre-planned massacre” and said more than 150 people were injured.

This is the real struggle of people for food and other needs. Israel continues to intervene and tightly control access to the organization.

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli forces killed at least six Palestinians at the same food distribution center in Kuwait City, bringing the death toll in these attacks to 400.

Israeli forces used helicopters, tanks and choppers. Eyewitnesses told Al Jazeera that the drones would kill thousands of people waiting for food trucks.

The Israeli army denied that its soldiers killed many people.

  • Reports that [the Israeli army] targeted a large number of Gazans at the humanitarian aid distribution site on Thursday night are false, – X’s Military-Arab Media Spokesperson Avichay Adraee mentioned in this letter.

Adraee said the military was “investigating the details of the situation.”

Weapon of war

Shaina Low, communications specialist at the Norwegian Refugee Council, said the continued killing of help seekers represented a breakdown in communication between aid groups and Israeli authorities.

  • “This is a clear sign that the conflict, the way humanitarian organizations and the United Nations teach and communicate with Israel have failed,” he said, adding that the system was created to allow the Israelis to figure out how to make them untouchable. informing organizations – “This is not the goal. “This is preventable and something that shouldn’t happen,” Low added.

Rights groups say Israel is using hunger as a weapon

As Israel’s war on Gaza enters its sixth month, the United Nations reports that at least 576,000 people (of the total population) are in the enclave one quarter) live under the threat of war. Israel is facing famine and the world crisis has escalated for Israel to provide more aid.

Israel, which controls respect for passage through Gaza, has opened only one entry point into the perimeter since the start of the Middle East war, creating an “endless checkpoint” for traffic, the UN agency said.

With Israel’s intervention in trucks, the international community developed tough solutions, including the opening of a sea route from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip and US plans to build temporary terminals on the Gaza coast to transport supplies. It affects Washington’s approach to being a permanent military and political force for Israel in times of famine and constant attack.

After Israeli forces killed 118 people poaching on Rashid Street in Gaza City’s West Bank last month, the attack also sparked international condemnation.

At least 31,341 Palestinians have been killed and 73,134 Palestinians injured in Israeli attacks since October 7, the Gaza health ministry said in an updated statement on Thursday.


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