20 Awkward Photos Of Couples On Vacation


In theory, taking photos on vacation should be super simple. You’re far away from home, relaxed and having fun in the sun, and maybe by the beach. You can’t get a more perfect background. When you go on a trip with your significant other, you figure that you’re going to take tons of awesome couple selfies and also get some kind strangers to snap some romantic photos of the two of you. It’s going to be great.

Well, in reality, sometimes these pictures don’t work out too well. There are a lot of photos of couples on vacay who look unhappy, awkward, or are in pretty silly or weird situations.

Here are 20 awkward photos of couples on vacation.

20 You Don’t Need To Actually Lie Down To Snap A Pic

via Bored Panda

We totally get wanting to get the best picture ever of the place that you visit. Pictures help you remember the trip, after all.

What we don’t get? Actually lying down on the ground to get the best picture. The ground is pretty dirty. And this is just awkward. There’s no getting around it.

19 They Went To The Minnesota State Fair And He Had A Horrible Time

via Pinterest

Going to a state fair should be super romantic, right? You and your partner can stare into each other eyes and cuddle while you go up and down the Ferris wheel or on another ride. It should make for an amazing photo.

Well, that’s not what happened with these two. Instead, she went on her phone, and he looked like he wanted to be literally anywhere else.

18 What A Romantic Beach Vacay…

via Need Funny and Giphy

This is such an awkward photo of a couple on vacation and it’s hard to know what they were going for when they had this photo taken.

We wonder if the person who took the pic was giving them direction and trying to get them to pose in a more typical, normal way?

17 It’s Not So Cute When Your Kid Throws Up

via livestly.com

Everyone has been there: you’re all ready for a great vacation and then you get sick, or your partner or family member does.

For this couple, they were trying to have an awesome trip and then their kid literally threw up while this photo was taken. It definitely wasn’t what they had in mind.

16 What’s With That Guy?!

via Bored Panda

There you are, trying to take a sweet, romantic photo that you can post on your social media (and brag about your vacay) and then some random person is in the background of your picture. He seems to have zero idea that he was actually in this picture, and that’s even more awkward.

15 A Creepy Couple (And What Is Their Kid Doing?)

via livestly.com

This pair is a little bit creepy, given the way that this couple is staring at the camera and not quite smiling. We’re not sure what one of their children is doing, either, and the overall effect is pretty strange. So much for a nice family photo that they can remember their trip by…

14 This Is Definitely Awkward

via Bored Panda

Of all the photos that a couple could take while on vacation, this one is very awkward and makes us wonder why they would set it up like this. It’s definitely a unique pose. It also looks a bit painful… and totally distracts from the scenery, too. He doesn’t look like he’s having a lot of fun here.

13 Let’s Go For A Walk In The Fall Leaves… Or Not

via Bored Panda

Traveling somewhere during the fall season can be so beautiful. The leaves are colorful, the air is fresh, and the photo possibilities are anywhere and everywhere.

Well, this couple skipped a pretty fall photo and, instead, she decided to lie down while he took a photo of her. It’s super awkward and confusing.

12 What A Nice Beach Photo

via Cheezburger.com and Giphy

At this point, it might be a cliche for people to say that they love long walks on the beach and write that on an online dating profile… but that is still a really romantic activity.

This couple was attempting to take a nice picture but that’s just not what happened. Instead, someone (who might have been their daughter or a total stranger) decided to act all crazy and weird in the background. Yikes.

11 It’s True Love When You Don’t Look At Each Other

via Bored Panda and Giphy

We don’t know why this couple is holding hands because that’s not even part of the picture that the guy is taking. This is one of those times when maybe they were trying for an interesting pic and they wanted to take something different… but it didn’t work out for them.

10 Isn’t It So Lovely… To Have Your Kid’s Face On The Beach

via Reddit

Is this the creepiest thing that this couple could be looking at? We think so. No offense because, yes, this kid is super adorable.

But no one’s face should be printed on the beach, not even a cute kiddo’s. There should be some kind of rule about it. It just seems confusing.

9 We Don’t Even Know

via Liveabout.com and Giphy

Sure, take a photo while lying on the beach next to your partner and hold a duck. That’s totally fine. That’s not strange at all.

It would be nice to know what was going through this couple’s minds when they somehow found a duck on their beach vacation. At the same time, we’re not sure that any explanation would ever make sense.

8 When You Match The Landscape In Alaska

awkward couple on vacation
via Team Jimmy Joe and Giphy

There’s nothing sweeter or more adorable than couples who wear matching outfits… but we’re not sure why this couple is literally wearing t-shirts that seem to match the Alaska landscape. Was that on purpose or a total accident? How does your clothing even look the same as the water and mountains?

7 This Couple Isn’t Even Standing Together

via Pinterest

If you’re going to pose for a couple photo during your vacation, you really do have to stand together. It may be an unspoken rule but it’s a pretty big and important one. Otherwise, it looks strange and like you’re not even together at all.

In another super awkward photo of a couple on vacation, these two were standing super far apart. And we don’t know why.

6 Are They Walking To Their Destination?!

via mpora.com

What do you want to do today now that we’re on vacation? Oh, let’s take a walk down the highway…

It’s hard to know what this couple is doing here. Were they literally walking to their dream vacation destination? Were they just interested in seeing the scenery? It’s had to know what was happening since it can be pretty dangerous to walk on the highway…

5 Not Such A Peaceful Ocean Dip

via chron.com

That may not be an evil shark behind them, which is good news, but we’re not sure what is happening here. Is that someone dressed up as a fish or what?!

This couple might have been expecting a peaceful dip in the ocean and they might have wanted someone to snap a cute pic of them. But, instead, they got this weird and awkward result.

4 Their Smiles Are Kind Of Creepy

awkward couple on vacation
via Awkward Family Photos and Giphy

Besides the grip that the woman has on her boyfriend’s chest, which is a bit intense, their smiles are kind of creepy. And that’s definitely what makes this another awkward photo of a couple on a vacation.

The scenery behind them is so pretty, though, so this could have totally been a great, normal photo.

3 This Couple Is At The Grand Canyon And Hating It (So Why Go?)

via The Mirror

There are two types of travelers: those who want to do touristy things like visit The Grand Canyon and those who want much more exotic destinations than that. Nothing is good or bad about either one, it’s just who you are.

This couple doesn’t look happy to be at The Grand Canyon which is awkward because then why did they go there?

2 What Kind Of Tourist Spot Is That?!

via Pinterest

We’re not sure what kind of tourist spot has a giant plastic pig. And we’re not sure why it would seem like a good place to snap a pic, either… but that’s what this couple decided to do.

We really can’t get over the huge plastic pig. It’s just so creepy and so incredibly strange.

1 Well, That’s One Way To Take A Pic

via Bored Panda

People are always searching for the best angles and locations when they want their photo taken. But this couple takes things to another level with their super weird picture.

Instead of just posing normally or forgetting the pic altogether and taking a nice swim, since this is a beach vacation, after all, the guy crouched down on a strip of sand while his girlfriend posed in an awkward way. What about just enjoying your vacation?!

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