13 Red Carpet Fashion Secrets Revealed


Celebrities approach the red carpet fully loaded with butt pads, bra pads, body makeup and loads of other stuff that is needed to give them the figure that they’re looking for. You can look like them too if you know the secret hacks that they use to give their looks a boost.

In this post, we have listed up 13 photos of celebrities and their trusty tools that help them look gorgeous on the red carpet.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1Spanx Shaping Briefs and Leggingsyournextshoes
  2. 2Butt and Hip Pads
  3. 3Wearing larger shoeseastnews
  4. 4Bra Pads
  5. yournextshoes
  6. 5Body makeuptwitter
  7. 6Double-Sided Tapedress
  8. 7Fake face lifting with tapeeastnews
  9. 8Glue stick instead of eyebrow waxinstagram
  10. 9Shoes with heelsinstagram
  11. 10Silicone Nipple Coveruploads
  12. 11Body Shapers
  13. yournextshoes
  14. 12Silicone brainstagram
  15. 13Get ready for emergencies.pinterest

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