12 Things That Girls Want, but They Will Not Ask for Them


The key to a successful relationship is open communication, but sometimes girls will not tell you what they like. They are very unpredictable most of the time. They are secretive at times. There are times that you will not understand her mood, but you will stay because you love her.

we listed 12 things that girls want, but they will not ask for them:

1. You surprise her.
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She does not need you to buy her an expensive gift as a surprise. She does not require you to buy her flowers and chocolates. She will appreciate it when you show up to events of her life that really matters to her. She likes it when you visit her at home at the most random times. It really makes her blush when you remember the important dates of her life. She appreciates it when you sing to her or even write handwritten letters.

2. The random hugs, holding hands, and kisses.
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She loves it when you hug her tight. It gives her the feeling that you do not want her to let go. She appreciates it when you kiss her forehead. Aside from being romantic, it gives her the feeling that you respect her. She loves it when you hold her hands like you are always inseparable until the end.

3. The late night conversations.
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She really appreciates it when you still communicate or talk to her, even if it is already the wee hours of the day. She appreciates it when you are willing to listen to her drama until midnight for you to make her feel that she is not alone. When things are bothering her, you always make her feel that everything will settle down soon.

4. You give her food.

One of her guilty pleasures is food. She appreciates it when you pamper her with food more than anything else. She does not care about gaining weight because she knows you will still accept and love her no matter what. She appreciates it when you satisfy her cravings.

5. You say I love you to her in person.
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She definitely appreciates everything that you do for her. She appreciates all the sacrifices you made, but she appreciates when you say I love you to her in person. It is a different feeling when she hears those words from you. It gives a feeling of being totally loved. It must be her love language that dictates that.

6. You give her genuine compliments.
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She appreciates it when you can notice the smallest details. She appreciates it when you compliment her on how she looks. She is thankful when you notice the positive changes with her. She is thankful when you also appreciate the effort she makes for you.

7. Your honesty and commitment.
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She trusts you with all her heart but expects your honesty too. She expects not to look for side chicks anymore because you are in a relationship with her. She wants you to tell everything, even those that you deem small things. She wants you to be all in for her because she will also do the same. She does not have any reservations at all because she chose you, after all. She wishes you to be true to your words all the time. She wants you to tell her the truth, even if it will break her into pieces.

8. You find time for her.
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She understands that you have a life of your own, but she appreciates it if you find time for her. She truly appreciates your effort to see her despite your hectic schedules. She appreciates it when you go on a random date. It does not have to be at an expensive restaurant. She only wants your presence, especially in times that she is sad and down. She only wants quality time with you while sharing your thoughts and dreams.

9. You invite her to go on a travel date.
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She likes it when you spend quality time together traveling places. She wants to escape the stressors for a while and be with you. She wants to visit new places and go out of her comfort zone. She wants to be in a moment wherein she forgets all the problems she has for a while.

10. You invite her to see your family and friends.
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It makes her heart happy about seeing your family and friends. She wants to get to know them because she wants to know you better as well through them. She wants to see the side of you when you are with your loved ones. She wants to see how you treat them because that is how you will treat her.

11. You make her smile and laugh.

She likes it when you poke fun with her just to make her gloomy days a little better. She appreciates it when you make fun of your face just to make her smile. She appreciates when you joke around with your antics only to uplift her morale. She truly likes it when is laughing out loud because of your effortless funny side.

12. Your  gentleman gestures.
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She believes that chivalry is not dead. She appreciates it when you help her bring her stuff. She appreciates it when you open the door for her. She appreciates it when you always make sure that she always feels comfortable. She can do these things on her own, but it makes her happy that you always make everything easy for her.

She might be very unpredictable sometimes, but she is working on it. She feels guilty for not saying the things upfront. It makes her feel bad because you are no mind reader at all.

She wants to let you know that she appreciates you for staying with her even if she has many lapses. She is not perfect at all, but she is working on giving the best version of love that you deserve too. She can’t ask for anything, because you are always there no matter what. She cannot ask for a bigger blessing than you.

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